Glaive of piercing

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glaive of piercing <red glow>
This weapon looks like a normal glaive except that the blade is extremely thin and sharp. It seems to be made of some violet gem-like material. The 8' pole is made of stout wood and it's covered by weird runes.
It contains a tale;
This weapon was designed to pierce even the heaviest armour with a single magically enhanced thrust. The powers must be invoked by 'thrust glaive at <target>'.
Weapon type: glaive
Stats: +1 hit
It looks Heavy (5.695 kg)
Sacvalue: 355k
It is called glaive and identified as 'glaive' and 'thin glaive'.
Made of amethyst
Size: medium-sized
Quality: great
From: Missing where from gained
Compares between: Zhentorian Death Glaive / Blood angel's voulge and Mauler
Other info: Heft data:

Size 55, Str 116-183: With a powerful strength boost, you might be able to wield glaive of piercing in a single hand...badly.