The fierce halberd called 'Mauler'

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The fierce halberd called 'Mauler' <shocking> <red glow>
The halberd shines as it seems to be made from the purest of materials. The handle it professionally carved to reseble a giant's hand. The veins running along the arm and hand forms a perfect grip. The upper area is quite scratched but nevertheless it's still a very fine piece of weaponry.
It contains a tale;
This halberd once belonged to Stonebeard, a fierce giant leader, skilled in the art of combat. Mauler was crafted especially for him by a dozen giant smiths. It was crafted on many days and nights. The result was a weapon of exquisite quality and high magical concentration. Unfortunetly, the concentrations were a bit too high for this type of weapon, which made it rather unstable.
Weapon type: halberd
Stats: +7 Str & ele damage
It looks Heavy (8 kg)
Sacvalue: ~650k
It is called mauler and identified as 'halberd' and 'fierce halberd'
Made of topaz
Size: medium-sized
Quality: great
From: Stonebeard, leader of the Giants, Dah'Bec
Compares between: ruby long spear and homing spear