Gleaming metal light crossbow

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gleaming metal light crossbow <red glow>
This light crossbow is made of a lightweight, off-white metal that gleams in the light. The stock is sleek and streamlined, and the bow looks both strong and flexible. It looks like it was designed to move quickly, and could be designed for use against multiple targets.
Weapon type: light crossbow
Stats: From identify:
The crossbow can absorb the power of a fully-charged wand with an area effect
spell (this absorbs and destroys the wand). This power can then be released
upon a single bolt, which will explode with the force of its spell when it
hits the target.
The bolt will only store the spell for a short time before being consumed by
its power. Also, the bolt will not release its power if it breaks when it
hits, or if the target is slain on impact.
Syntax: g_crossbow store <wand>
        g_crossbow release <bolt>
You can only release one spell per ten minutes, no matter how many wands,
bolts, and/or crossbows you have.
It looks A bit heavy (3.150 kg)
Sacvalue: 157k
It is called gleaming crossbow and identified as 'light crossbow', 'metal crossbow', 'gleaming crossbow', 'gleaming light crossbow', 'metal light crossbow', 'light' and 'crossbow'.
Made of duraluminium
Size: small
Quality: good
From: Trilloch's zoo
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown
Other info: Heft data:

Size 53, Str 33: Gleaming metal light crossbow feels very light in your might want a larger weapon.