Glittery crystal breastplate

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Stats by Gemstone
Stat Gem
str topaz
dex bloodstone
con sapphire
wis pearl
int opal
acid resist alexandrite, rhodonite
asphyxiation resist aquamarine, turquoise
cold resist onyx, quartz
electricity resist olivine
fire resist chrysoberyl, garnet
magical resist sunstone,zircon
poison resist jade, malachite
psionic resist carnelian, moss agate
spr ruby
hpr amethyst
dam emerald
hit moonstone
avoid amber
physical resist diamond
glittery crystal breastplate <red glow>
This piece of armour is a sculpted and carved piece of hard clear crystal that fits over the torso. While the breastplate itself seems somewhat unusual due to its construction, what makes it even more odd are the four small holes in the center of the chest, each about the size of a pebble or a marble.
Armour type: breastplate
Stats: tunable stats
It looks A bit heavy (2.246 kg)
Sacvalue: 731gp (at least without gems inserted)
It is called breastplate and identified as 'crystal plate', 'glittery breastplate', 'crystal breastplate' and 'breastplate'.
It takes the following slot: Torso
Made of: crystal
Size: average-sized
Quality: exceptional
From: Trilloch's zoo
Other info: Also known as "gem plate".

"You can 'insert' gems into the open holes to empower the breastplate with magical effects."

"Now that the holes are all filled you can 'discharge' the magic by touching all four gems simultaneously. This will, however, destroy all four gems and damage the breastplate."