Golden jeweled dagger

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Golden jeweled dagger <red glow>
This dagger looks like a very lavish weapon. It has a blade of silver, a hilt of gold, and is set with at least a dozen gems. Light sparkles off it in a dazzling array of colours. The blade is narrow and looks quite sharp, so it might also be a rather effective weapon as well.
Weapon type: dagger
Stats: gives one gold coin per min if unidle when carrying (works from inventory)
It looks A bit heavy (3.9 kg)
Sacvalue: 122000
It is called dagger and identified as 'gold dagger', 'silver dagger', 'jeweled dagger', 'golden dagger' and 'dagger'
Made of 60% gold & 40% silver
Size: very small
Quality: superb
From: Trilloch's zoo
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown