Grand Master Alchemist enchanting things

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This is the Grand Master Alchemist. He is a human male of about forty years of age. He seems to be very muscular if you take into account that he is a professional mage. He is wearing a blood red robe and a pair of sandals. His hair is dark brown and eyes are icy blue. His real name is not known. He probably is older than he seems to be.
Alchemist's equipment:

0-4 random items:

Cloak: Dirty red robe <red glow>
Wielded in right claw: A shiny silver hammer
Both feet: the sandals of the alchemist <red glow>
Inventory: potion of longevity

Spells: lava blast, lava storm, magic missile
Skills: kick
Area: Misty Forest
Alignment: evil
Race: human
Exp worth: 123k - 125k