Green scaled pentagram shield

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Green scaled pentagram shield <red glow>
This shield is possibly of lizardman make, but it's hard to tell. The shield's face is made of the stretched and scaled skin of some large reptilian creature, perhaps a dragon. Whatever the creature was, it had pale-green scales about the size and shape of a human hand with the fingers all together. The skin clings to a frame made from bones, built into a five-sided shape. Both handles on the back side are made from the same bone.
Shield type: Full shield
Stats: none (?)
It looks A bit heavy (2.1 kg)
Sacvalue: 11200
It is called shield and identified as 'scaled shield', 'pentagram shield', 'green shield', 'dragon shield', 'full' and 'shield'
Made of: 30% bone, 70% dragonscale
Size: Missing size
Quality: great
From: Trilloch's zoo