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General description: (missing description)
Location on Rothikgen: Right next to Shadowkeep.
Difficulty: (missing difficulty)
Coder: Amarth
Size (in rooms): 41
Map of the area: (missing map of the area)

NPCs at the area:

Name Exp Race Alignment Aggro
A black skulled skeleton, playing cards on the table (undead) ~10k in decent tune undead evil
A blue skulled skeleton, playing cards on the table (undead) 4.1k - 11k evil
A dark hooded mage storming his magics downwards 4700 evil
A demon, holding the hammer of justice 6.5k - 7k yes
A grey robed mage desperately trying to close the entrance 4k - 6.4k good
A hideous mummy which has its eyes ripped out is lurking here (undead) couple k evil
A horrible zombie, its claws trying to rip your face off (undead) few k evil
A mage with sharp cheekbones pointing his finger to downstairs 5500 evil
A mummy, red eyes staring back at you (undead) few k evil
A mutilated zombie, rotting quite rapidly (undead) few k evil
A red skulled skeleton, playing cards on the table (undead) 4k undead evil
A roguish adventurer, Mauses the accused twinslayer (undead) 30 - 55k
A rotten ghoul moves here restlessly (undead) 4k evil yes
A rotting zombie, worms eating its face (undead) few k evil
A small grey mouse peeking out from the hole 250 good
A stinking fighter, hungry for your blood (undead) few k evil
A troll fighting a troll slayer 40k
A troll slayer trying to kill the troll 40k
Bzatah, the psionlich (undead)
Geofer, the master gardener of Horn-Durath 3k - 3.8k good
Shilia, a priestess of the resident undead cult 5.7k - 6.4k human evil no
Threumathuran, the deathlich (undead)
Thulanic, the gatelich (undead)
Uruthmatium, the darklich (undead)
Vernon, a black robed crystal mage 4.0k - 6.4k human a bit evil