Horseshoe-shaped white object with gems

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This item is definitely odd-looking. It has a wide, white handle of some kind, to which gems have been attached. Curving downwards on each side, vaguely resembling fangs, are two prongs, which taper to a point. It looks like it might possibly fit around a pouch or something.
Item type: item
Stats: Converts 25 inferior reagents to one better with best gem combination
It looks light weight (0.840 kg)
Sacvalue: 5000
It is called 'reagent converter','white object','object','object with gems','white object with gems','horseshoe','horseshoe-shaped object'
It takes the following slot: Missing type/slot
Made of: 5% topaz, 5% emerald, 5% diamond, 5% amethyst, 5% malachite, 75% alabaster
Size: very small
Quality: superb
From: Trilloch's vault
Other info: Also known as reagent converter. Identify reveals following syntaxes:

clamp <this> onto <reagent pouch>

tap <gem1> <gem2> <gem3>

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