Trilloch Haz-gon the grey Elf

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In normal form:

The Trilloch, self-proclaimed best thief in the world, stands here. He's roughly average height for an elf, and of slim build, not appearing particularly athletic. His head is topped with a wild mass of platinum hair, so thick his pointed ears are almost hidden. His garments do not appear particularly valuable or functional. Trilloch dances, bobs, and weaves, making himself a difficult target.

In dragon form:

This dragon is enormous, even by dragon standards. Its snake-like coiled body is thick as a bell tower and a couple city blocks long. Narrow bat-like wings stick out of its scaly body about halfway down its length, and its four legs each end with curved talons the size of katana blades. Its neck is covered by a mane of dull violet bristles, and its boulder-sized head has an intelligent gleam in its eyes.

You are in a lot of trouble.

In final form:

The Trilloch, self-proclaimed best thief in the world, is looking a little frazzled. Blood is dribbling down both of his hands, he has a nasty-looking bruise under his left ear, and he is limping noticably. There is no mistaking the look of fear in his silver eyes. He does not appear particularly graceful right now.

Trilloch's equipment:
Spells: Missing spells
Skills: Missing skills
Area: Trilloch's Tower
Alignment: Missing alignment
Race: Missing race
Exp worth: 221k
PAP: 4 months