Huge, imposing looking orc male

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Belan is one of the largest orcs you have ever seen. If he was a member of your race he would be an exemplary warrior but because he is a Misty Forest orc he is not. He is wearing a spotless breastplate and a huge mace hangs from his belt. You don't want to make him angry and neither do the other orcs. He is DANGEROUS! He has got a pair of long tusks and huge muscles with which to crush your enemies, see his enemies driven before him and good ears to hear the lamentation of your mate. Hopefully he won't use them. He also got a big nose with what to smell flowers and his eyes look very kind. Very kind indeed for an orc.
Orc prince Belan's equipment:

One random item:

Torso: White breastplate with rose ornament

Wielded in left hand: Huge shiny rose-shaped mace <red glow>

Belt: black spiked leather belt

Spells: forget
Skills: Missing skills
Area: Misty Forest
Alignment: good
Race: orc
Exp worth: 329k - 439k