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Also known as huber mansion, von huber mansion, Von huber manor
General description:
Location on Laenor:
(whereami: 594x, 466y)
Bit east/southeast from center
Coder: Runeaxe
Size (in rooms):
Map of the area:

NPCs at the area:

Name Exp Race Alignment Aggro
A calico cat pounces on a hair ball 354 cat neutral
A cat lady plays with the other cats 544 human good
A dirty, smelly birdy sits on the sign 890 bird neutral
A distinguished looking snake oil salesman 1500 human neutral
A fat guy is stuffing a Hugobar in his mouth human neutral
A fisherman sits on the dock 1744 human neutral
A gang member scrapes dried blood off his dagger 905 - 1364 human a bit evil
A gang member sharpens his dagger 915 human a bit evil
A gang member stands around looking cool human evil
A happy fisherman is walking towards the lake with his pole human neutral
A happy new bride dances around the house 677 human
A happy newlywed husband smiles at his wife human good
A mangy dog pisses in the corner of the town hall 1398 neutral
A neurotic old lady busily cleans human neutral
A old man stands slumped in the corner 522 human a bit good
A tabby cat rolls around on the floor 441 cat neutral
A wolf is hungrily eyeing the goats in the pasture 579 dog good
A wolf prowls around here 701 dog good
A wolf that is lounging in the grass 760 dog good
A worried housewife hurries by human good
A young woman looks around warily for gang members 358 human a bit good
An old fisherman recalls the good old days 1880 human neutral
An old grizzled wolf 845 dog good
An old war veteran sings old marching tunes human neutral
Annie sits here and drinks her cup of coffee human good
Billy Bob Jack eyes you nervously human evil
Clark von Huber dances about with his sword 66k - 72k a bit good no
Cruella von Huber has fire in her eyes 73k - 89k human evil no
Herman von Huber is chained here 33k
Jim Bob stands here, blocking your progress 40k neutral
Joe Bob stands here, blocking your progress too 37k neutral
Melvin von Huber is studying a book 38k human good
One-stump Tommy stands behind the bar human neutral
Otto von Huber sits here dejectedly 37k human neutral
Papa von Huber sits docilely in his chair 37k human good
Priscilla waits here expectantly 64k human good
Rusty Jack stands behind the counter human neutral
The Hugoville Sheriff tip-toes around the office human good
The banshee spectre of Napoleon von Huber assaults you (undead) 388501 monster evil
The gardener is trimming a bush human good
The grocer's wife walks listlessly around the shop 741 human a bit good
The grocer sits around dejectedly 1152 human a bit good
The mayor of Hugoville huddled in the corner, afraid of the dogs 2580 human a bit good
The servant girl looks very depressed 7501 human good
Utah Johnny is sitting here with a scowl human evil