Keeper, the majestic white lance of Lanzia

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The white lance starts out wide at its root, but quickly retracts its width the closer it comes to its ending tip, which seems sharper than the point of a needle. The final impression is a majestic, yet slender lance worthy of gasps of awe. Its sturdy handle has a wavy imprint circulating around it, slightly improving grip. On the inside of the wide bottom of the lance an inscription ecompasses the shaft, reading:
'The Balance of the Scales rests upon the Keeper'
It contains a tale;
Within it its power is at sleep

Timeless sorcery its to keep

Until a mortal not foul

Would release it from its soul

The glorious hymns and the righteous fury

Will aid its wielder

As the punisher and the shielder

Weapon type: lance
Stats: +max spr, +5 con, partyprot special, requires name and 65 Str to be wielded. Also invoke areablast if good.
It looks Missing weight category (5.040 kg)
Sacvalue: 2.7M
It is called Keeper and identified as 'keeper', 'majestic white lance', 'white lance', 'lance', 'majestic white lance of lanzia', 'white lance of lanzia' and 'lance of lanzia'.
Made of chrysoberyl
Size: average-sized
Quality: exceptional
From: Joven, Lanzia
Compares between: Sword of Clouds and Nightfall