Sword of Clouds fuming celestial light

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Sword of Clouds fuming celestial light <strongly humming> <red glow>
Sword of Clouds is entirely embraced with soft white glow. It is made from odd transparent material enchanted with powerful magic. The sword is truly a fine example of virtuosic craftmanship. Golden symbols of Faerwon and Las are embedded deep into the blade with thousands of little diamonds which twinkle magically as the light hits the blade.

Figure 'LII' is engraved deep into the glass blade.

Weapon type: 2h sword
Stats: +10 str, +magical damage, good wield only, +dam to skills vs evil align foes
It looks Heavy (4.249 kg)
Sacvalue: 3410k
It is called Sword of Clouds and identified as 'sword', 'clouds', 'sword of clouds', 'cloud sword' and '2h'
Made of glass
Size: medium-sized
Quality: sterling
From: Gatekeeper, Nun guild
Compares between: Kraftigar and Serpentyne
Other info: Requires Dream mask of Clouds and angelic alignment to wield. Back in the day the sword used to destroy if wielded without mask, however this doesn't happen anymore.

Heft data:
Size 65, Str 148: You can wield Sword of Clouds fuming celestial light in one hand, but it will be a bit unbalanced.