Killusia, the mistress of pain and misery

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A succubus is a female demon that feeds on the souls of sleeping men. The succubus usually tries to persuade the unsuspecting person with unimaginable earthly pleasures and after the gullible person falls for the trick, she sucks his soul with a kiss. Then she carries him to the underworld as dinner or amusement - and quite often for both. This really is the girl your mother warned you about.
Killusia's equipment:

A black leather belt with a red bird claw symbol on the buckle

Spells: disintegrate, imprisonment, lava storm, lava blast
Skills: Missing skills
Area: Valley of the Kings
Alignment: Missing alignment
Race: demon
Exp worth: 422k - 442k
Other info: Staff of exploration doesn't at least always show the disintegrate, but she indeed does cast it. It's possible that the spell randoms.