Knowledge of thanatology

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Help file
Skill duration: random
Type of skill: spell knowledge (arcane skill)
Affecting stats: .
It uses endurance points.
Thanatology, or the study of death in layman terms, is very important. In

order to better understand death, one must learn the many aspects of it. The death itself is many times a silent guest, but the sadness and grief that it usually leaves behind affect the lives of the many. Death is a daunting concept especially in magic. The slightest errors in the casting process could do irreversible damage, which is why the novices are often very scared of invoking spells that tamper with death. The only way to overcome the fear of death is to study thanatology. Once a person becomes an adept in the affairs of death, one learns not to be afraid of it. Only then can a priest truly use magic and its true potential.

List of things that enhance or grant access to this skill:

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