Mace of the Manta Ray

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This is mace is quite an weapon, indeed. The mace was a gift to Rechendak from the ancient Manta Ray King. The king wasn't really a manta ray himself, he was just the uncrowned king of the oceans around Lor and was given the nickname of Manta Ray for his sleek, stealthy attacks. The mace is a large weapon. The ball, instead of having spikes all around it, has these very weird protrusions that almost look like they came from the mouth of a real manta ray. The end of the mace has a large spike connected to it, and if you look closely, you can see small drops of the poisonous venom of a manta ray's stinger dripping off the end.
Weapon type: mace
Stats: +poison damage
It looks Missing weight category (6.400 kg)
Sacvalue: 1955k
It is called Mace of the Manta Ray and identified as 'mace', 'mace of the manta ray' and 'mace of the manta'
Made of adamantium
Size: somewhat small
Quality: divine
From: Rechendak, Clouds above Lor
Compares between: Slender and Deocide