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Since 08/05/31 (news display guilds.mage 56 ) there has been special mage gems in game that offer various effects when attached to a mage staff.

Known gems

You can 'buy' list of gems known from Ballior. By giving a gem to him, he tells you if its one of those special gems. Beware that he bugs a bit and might simply keep the gem too.

Known effects are increased spmax, ability to store spells and invoke them and increased damage with certain damage type.

a shimmering multicoloured crystal gem

1 of 2 gem needed for storing/releasing spells. Can't be attached before loading it with sp. Gradually drains about 3k sp and blows up if user doesn't have it.

a shiny dark-green oval shaped amethyst

1 of 2 gem needed for storing/releasing spells

Gives access to:

  checkspells .. show the list of spells stored in your staff. 
  invokestaff .. invoke a <spell> stored in your staff. 

Allows to store following spells in mage staff:

Instructions how to can be found by looking at the mage staff plaque at guild, center room. Note that the amount of spells available depends on the level of the staff.

a dull white circular weenite gem

Increases one damage types spells damage. Each gem has random type.

You pull out a copper rod which bursts into a zillion technicolour sparkles!
The weenite in your staff shimmers with soft green light.
Surge of power from your staff adds to the power of the spell.
You watch with self-pride as your golden arrow hits Ape Warrior.

a small and almost colourless zircon gem

"It will make able to a mage to see power of his staff." :)

a silvery-white round pearl

It will increase power of the mage staff

Adding gems

The staff can only hold up to 5-6 gems but you can 'pry' out old ones. You can attach new ones with the workbench found in the room where Ebas lives in mage tower. You need to charge it first by inserting scroll of charging after you can operate it to attach gems.