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Regardless of the power level, your mage staff that you created will always have the same long desc. Do note that its short desc will change as does its powers. Each blast also reduces its weight by 0.1 gram, meaning 1k blasts reduces 0.1kg of the staffs weight. Only members of Brotherhood of Sorcery can wear mage staffs.

<level> mage staff
Level Weight Powers/Commands
White 5.1
  • checkgems: Show the list of gems stored in your staff
Slender white 5.0
Grey 4.9
  • Grants ceremony periodically. "You feel your staff touching your mind."
Dark 4.6
  • Occasionally increases the spells damage. "Power flows from your staff to spell."
Shimmering white 4.1
  • staffname : Give an unique name to your mage staff that will also change the staffs handles by replacing "Staff of Wizardry" with the name given and the staffs short desc to <name> the <level> mage staff.
  • Shoots glowing fireballs.
  • Requires 6k blasts.
Shimmering grey 3.1
  • Occasionally halves spell point cost of main blasts. "Power flows from your staff to the spell."
  • Helps against burden.
  • Requires 21k blasts.
Shimmering black 2.1
  • Occasionally shoots small fireballs.
  • Occasionally shoots bolt of lightning.
  • Occasionally increases even more the spells damage. "BRIGHT ray of power flows to spell."
  • Requires 32k blasts.
Radiating white 0.1
  • Occasionally drains 30-40 spell points from NPCs from time to time.
  • Shoots bolt of ice.
  • Requires 47k blasts.
Radiating grey 0.1
  • Drains even more sp from NPCs.
  • Shoots ray of acid.
  • Requires 59k blasts.
Radiating black 0.1
  • See invisible.
  • Holds 6 gems.
  • Requires 72k blasts.
Glowing white 0.1
  • Shoots ray of fire.
  • Requires ~92k blasts.
White mage staff of power 0.1

You might notice there are gaps in power levels. Reason is mainly that the coder left before he finished creating them. Mandrake is working on mage staves now.


A mage staff will also grant its wielder resistances based on his essence. This resistance is reportedly half of your essence, capping at 10%.

Top mage staves of the realm

Zenick wields the Zurnutin the White mage staff of Power
Shar wields the Excessum the White mage staff of Power
Balroc wields the HÄLÄRM the White mage staff of Power
Entor wields the Crenshinibon the White mage staff of Power
Frenor wields the Chaosbringer the Glowing white mage staff
Broetchen wields the Lateralus the Glowing white mage staff
Susette wields the Glowing white mage staff
Blnk wields the Terumo the Radiating black mage staff
Humma wields the Icicle the Radiating black mage staff
Hobo wields the Bumstick the Radiating black mage staff