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Melkior Gill'zam is a tall, lean man in his mid-50s. But he is far older than that, the powers of necromancy have let him live far beyond the normal lifespan. His skin is deeply tanned and his eyes are an intense shade of blue.

He has a salt-and-pepper beard and hair. Decades of sailing on his ghost ship have kept him fit and lean, and his sea-legs give him an admirable dexterity. Melkior views life as an enormous experiment. He views living creatures as so many experiments waiting to happen. He has no regard for the value of life, considering humans to be nothing more than a crop waiting to be harvested (much as humans harvest berries in the wild). He cares little for the origin of the bodies he uses in experiments. He wears a black robe and a pair of purple moccasins.

Melkior's equipment:

Two purple moccasins

Nova Arcanum, Melkior's book of necromancy

Felidae's sparkling crystal amulet

Spells: forked lightning, acid arrow, golden arrow, lava blast, acid rain, cone of cold, chain lightning, earthquake, banish, wither
Skills: Missing skills
Area: Savage coast
Alignment: evil
Race: human
Exp worth: 1094k