Felidae's sparkling crystal amulet

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The amulet of Felidae's origin are undoubtly from Felidae herself. The legendary sorceress and queen of the Savage Coast. The amulet is a blue sparkling crystal, that seem to be pulsing with some magical energy. The crystal seem to be loose maybe you can turn it. The necklace is a thin nullium chain and if you look closely it full off intricate patterns.
Armour type: Amulet
Stats: five versions that all instantly invokes a random spell with turn crystal/15mins:
  • +4 Hit, +invoke prots special
  • +4 Avoid, +invoke prots special
  • +4 Dam, +invoke prots special
  • +8 Dex, +invoke prots special
  • +8 Con, +invoke prots special
It looks Light weight (1.56 kg)
Sacvalue: 708k (con), 703k (dex), 748k (dam)
It is called Felidae's Amulet and identified as 'amulet', 'sparkling crystal amulet', 'felidae's amulet' and 'crystal amulet'.
It takes the following slot: Amulet
Made of: crystal
Size: very small
Quality: great
From: Melkior, Savage Coast
Other info: At least these spells are possible: Airsteel, Bearskin, Displacement, Force absorption, Forget, Frost insulation, Heat reduction, Magic dispersion, Mind development, Protection from aging, Psionic shield, Regeneration, Shadow armour, Shield of protection, Stoneskin, Toxic dilution and Unstun.