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General description: A village with various interesting inhabitants. Some of them may be bit trickier to kill than most basic npcs.
Location on Laenor:
(whereami: 288x, 433y)
South from ferry, nw from Arelium.
Difficulty: Midlevel parties or up.
Coder: Heidel
Size (in rooms):
Map of the area:
Other information: One can transport to Oakvale from Faerie forest.

NPCs at the area:

Name Exp Race Alignment Aggro
Alfons Farson, the innkeeper of Oakvale 22k, 33k human neutral
Alice DeVeil, mayor's daughter 9.6k - 10k human neutral no
Animated statue of an amazon warrior 45k
Anne, the village granny 25k human neutral
Bridget Goodman, self-taught witch 50k
Bruce Goodman, the barkeeper of Spirits and Souls 65k human neutral no
Claire Armstrong, maid 16k human neutral
Cobweb Homecrest, faerie merchant 40k fairy neutral
Darren Mitchell, hobbit ambassador 21k hobbit neutral
Erika DeVeil, mayor's wife 22k human neutral
Frank DeVeil, mayor's younger son 16k human neutral
Gordon DeVeil, mayor of Oakvale 39k, 45k human neutral
Hanna Armstrong, the maid 17k human neutral
Harold Armstrong, Oakvale stablemaster 21k, 28k human neutral
Henrik DeVeil, chief of Oakvale guard 46k - 61k human neutral no
Ingrid Moden, widowed housewife 26k human neutral
John Donovan, antique dealer 26k human neutral
Kia-kai Stormwind, faerie merchant 35k - 42k fairy a bit evil
Lisa Moden, barmaid 13k human neutral
Magda Farson, the innkeeper's wife 19k human neutral
Nettle Morningdew, faerie merchant 33k - 44k fairy neutral
Olven Deerhorn, gnomish merchant 22k gnome neutral
Smith, the smith of Oakvale 21k human neutral
Stephanie Carmin, the oakvale shopkeeper 60-70k human a bit evil