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Also known as Oysteria
General description: Underwater city inhabited by crab-people. Only accessible via a ship.
Location on Lucentium:
(whereami: 441x, 278y)
In the middle of the band of reefs that run north to south on the continent.
Difficulty: Medium, some mobs midbie-soloable, some require or at least benefit from having a party.
Coder: Runeaxe
Size (in rooms): and has a special explore room.
Map of the area:
Other information: Used to be accessible by swimming/walking, but was tuned to be ship-access only in the new world.

NPCs at the area:

Name Exp Race Alignment Aggro
A crabman clergyman dressed in white crab good
A crabman cleric crab neutral
A crabman magician crab neutral
A crabman merchant 3-4k crab neutral
A crabman palace guard crab neutral
A crabman priest praying silently crab good
A crabwoman priest muttering chants crab good
A fierce crabman honour guard crab neutral
A proud crabman citizen of Oystria crab neutral
A proud crabman soldier crab neutral
A small crabboy playing around crab neutral
A strange shadowy crabman crab neutral
An enormous crabman guard crab neutral
Blax Maulux, the warrior guild master 134k crab neutral
Brother Tux, the Oystria cleric guild master 140k crab good
Brox Bumbleblox, respected crabman weaponsmith 18k (fight like 80k) crab a bit good
Dexter Xoz, dark guild master of the thieves of Oystria 92k
Grax Bumbleblox, crabman armourer of Oystria 5k crab a bit good
Guggleblux Frox, Oystria noble and general store keeper 143k crab a bit good
Jabblex Gorxmun, keeper of the magic shop 116k crab neutral
Patrix Steelix, peculiar crabman, antiquity shop keeper 155k crab neutral
Prince Glubux Frox, heir to the throne, envy of all crab kind 84k - 89k crab
Sheelax Flix, provider of various clerical and spiritual goods 123k
Zox Xoz, the Oystria mage guild master 58k