Red Tides village

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General description: Home for the area quest Sweet dreams.
Location on Desolathya:
(whereami: 7008x, 9088y)
On Jeskko's map
Northwest corner, on an island, south from Leech shrine.
Difficulty: Almost nothing to kill for newbies, but no aggressive mobs either that you can run straight into. Midbies may want a party too.
Coder: Pahvi
Size (in rooms):
Map of the area:
+  |     |     |
   O  T--O  O  O--J
   |     |  |  |
H  H  H  O  P  H  H
|  |  |  |  |  |  |
O--O--O--O--O--O--O      E = Entrance
         |               + = Locked door
         O               T = Town hall
         |               P = Pub
         E               J = Mama Jiji's
                         H = House
Other information: Mama Jiji inside the village sells reinc freeze and unfreeze potions for 15k and 1m respectively.

NPCs at the area:

Name Exp Race Alignment Aggro
A very drunk pirate 13k human
Bearded man dressed in a white uniform and a high cooks hat 7k human
Dirty black cat 958
Dirty white cat 1.3k
Extremely large dark skinned woman 157k - 178k
Fisherman's wife is cooking something on the stove 6k human
Fisherman's wife is gutting fish on the worktop 5.3k human
Mean black rat 611
Mean brown rat 1.2k
Middle aged man sleeping on the couch 4.4k human
Nasty grey rat 796
Nightmare, the swirling black vortex of bad dreams ~500k or so
Noisy customer is obviously drunk 11k - 25k human
Old brown dog wandering the streets 3.8k
Old fisher warming by the fire 5.6k human
Old man with wooden leg and a black eye patch 23k human
Pirate with wooden arm and a hook as a hand human
Sleepy looking large man dozing on the counter 49k
Spotted red dog wandering the streets 3k
Sweaty little man with a top hat 66k - 70k
Tanned elderly man wearing red jacket and black pants 57k - 58k human
The bartender is leaning on the counter 73k - 80k human
The sailmaker is sitting behind the counter 29k human
Travelling magician wearing blue robes and the pointy hat 122k - 123k human
Ugly grey rat 580 - 1k
Young girl dressed in maid's outfit 6k