Rillion's castle

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Also known as Mansion
General description:
Location on Furnachia:
(whereami: 301x, 185y)
Coders: Rillion, Sai
Size (in rooms):
Map of the area:

NPCs at the area:

Name Exp Race Alignment Aggro
A Brave Paladin hiding behind a box 183k - 214k human
A Drow Guard Captain watching you closely 5.9k
A Drow Warrior waiting here to ambush intruders 25k evil
A Prison Guard stands here whipping his prisoner 11k orc evil
A Shining Guard stands here protecting his lord's castle 5k
A beautiful maid cleaning up the guest room. 1.5k bit good
A black crow rests here picking at the garbage bird evil
A fierce looking Drow Guardsman stands here 2.3k - 3.6k drow evil
A large black crow is resting here 500 evil
A muscular construction worker taking a break 5000 neutral
A prisoner chained to the wall 4400 human good
A rabid gerbil foaming at the mouth 6000 neutral
A strange looking man who is leering at you. 4k - 16k evil no
An EVIL bat familiar bat evil
An old lady lying on the ground 900 good
Marge, Rillion's Ex-Wife 2500 good
One of Rillion's Servants busily cleaning his masters house. 1200 bit good
One of Rillion's pet puppies, resting in the kennel dog a bit good
Reginald the butler wanders the house looking for his master. 500 human a bit good
Rynil Elthandisilth 8k - 34k drow evil
Sheila, Rillion's Secretary sits here painting her nails 20k elf a bit evil
Sheila, Rillion's Secretary sits here painting her nails. 9500 bit evil
Tajal, Rillion's personal chef is fixing dinner. 3700 human evil
The High Priestess of Lolth, sacrificing a human baby to her goddess 32k drow
The Lord of Lighting resting on his throne 45k