Ruby long spear

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ruby long spear <red glow>
This weapon is a lengthy shaft of enchanted oak, topped with a triangular head of gleaming, translucent ruby. The spear is void of any runes, barbs, or decorations commonly found on enchanted weapons.
Weapon type: long spear
Stats: +dam, +fire damage
It looks A bit heavy (3.056 kg)
Sacvalue: 820k
It is called spear and identified as 'ruby spear', 'magic spear', 'long' and 'spear'.
Made of 80% oak, 20% ruby
Size: Missing size
Quality: Missing quality
From: Kelnozz, Drow Tower
Compares between: Marion axe and Mace of thunder
Other info: Heft data:

Size 50 (barsoomian), str 167: You could wield ruby long spear in one hand if you tried, but it would be awkward and unbalanced.

Size 53 (35% size boon) str 160: You can wield ruby long spear in one hand, but it will be a bit unbalanced.