Ruins of Astacia

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Also known as Astacia, Skavens, Gaiter area, Khalun area
General description: Mardus' first and only own area (as of December 2012). Perhaps best known as the home of Plague monk, which can randomly wear a very popular mage/psi legging. Area quest Rise of the verminkin is also located here.
Location on Lucentium: Northern part of the continent, northeast from Catfolk tree, in the end of a short path.
Difficulty: Aimed for high level parties, very hard area if you don't know what you're doing; newcomers without knowledge will die. Virtually nothing to kill for any newbies, not solo nor in party. Powerful highbies who are familiar with the area might have something to solo though.
Coder: Mardus
Size (in rooms): At least several dozens. Only two are accessible if you don't know how to proceed.
Map of the area:
   M           E = outerworld
   |           J = Jacob
   J           M = Morgan
History: Opened to public on 9th October 2003. That day involved a lot of death shouts.

NPCs at the area:

Name Exp Race Alignment Aggro
A fanatic skaven plague censer bearer 95k - 139k evil yes
A fierce rat ogre 134k skaven evil yes
A filthy robed skaven performing a strange ritual 212k - 221k skaven yes
A greedy skaven robber guarding the way into the city 60k evil no
A monstrous rat ogre 124k evil yes
A stocky human observing the gate 38k - 50k human no
A vigilant skaven patrolling the city plaza no
A weary human hacking through the wild growth 33k-40k human no
An eerie black giant rat 4.1k - 11k yes
An enraged rat ogre 93k yes
Khalun the skaven warlord, leader of the invasion horde 878k
Kilgader the Packmaster stands here, commanding the vermin 311k - 360k skaven yes
The Assassin Adept, cloaked in shadows 533k