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With the skill mix salve, alchemists and channellers are able to create salves that can produce a number of effects when applied, including but not limited to stat boosts. Each salve has limited amount of uses. Sewing skill can be used to create salve packs. Rumour has that salves can be found from other sources than alchs/channellers as well.


Up message Down message Effect
Your wounds begin to heal. Gives a small heal.
You feel inner peace. You feel your body returning to normal. +wis
Ick! Suddenly you can't think straight! -wis
Your mind begins to work like crazy. +int
You feel great! +con
You feel awful! -con
You feel your body loosen and limber up. +dex
Wups! Your body goes numb and starts trembling. -dex
Your muscles tighten and firm up. +str
Ack! Your arms and shoulders ache, and your legs are really sore! -str
You feel your skin sag, your hair knot and friz, and discoloured marks appear all over your body. -cha
Aargh, that stings!  ??? Minor damage when applied, may sometimes poison you.
Your hands sting!  ???
Nothing special happens. Repairs one armour and possibly a weapon or item as well, one shape per apply.
You feel a pleasant coolness. +fire resistance
Your skin turns rubbery and smooth. +electric resistance
You feel uncomfortably warm. -fire resistance
Your skin turns pale and soft. -poison resistance
You begin to vibrate uncontrollably. -magic (mana) resistance
You feel uncomfortably cold. -cold resistance
Your skin begins to dry up and crack. -acid resistance
You start hearing a loud, annoying buzz in your head. -psi resistance
You feel more strong-willed.  ???
You begin to breath much easier. +asphyxiation resistance
You feel your skin turn smooth, slippery, and slimy. "It will let you adapt readily to water." Perhaps some kind of WW? Doesn't show up in aura detection or show effects.
Your skin starts to feel more metallic. You feel your resistances return to normal.  ??? Physical resistance possibly?
You feel your skin start to warm up, as if you are standing in direct sunlight. You feel your skin finally cool down again. "It will make you take damage in bright light." (from id)
A thin film covers your exposed skin.