Shield of Rage

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Shield of Rage <red glow>
This black glass shield has silvery-grey misty impurities -- probably intentional -- in the center. If you squint just right, they form a twisted, screaming humanoid face. The shield is an almost round 12-sided shape, made entirely from laen. Two handles are carved into the back from the same piece, adding to its strength.
Shield type: Full shield
Stats: evil wield only, +3 str & invoke Aura of hate
It looks Heavy (4.3 kg)
Sacvalue: 183k
It is called shield and identified as 'rage shield', 'laen shield', 'black shield', 'shield of rage', 'full' and 'shield'
Made of: laen
Size: medium-sized
Quality: exceptional
From: Trilloch's zoo