Shield of a Thousand Reflections

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Shield of a Thousand Reflections <strongly shimmering> <red glow>
You look in awe at the shield. Its smooth surface shines with marvelous intricate designs which would set every Master Smith green with envy. The balance is excellent with an outstanding grip. This is the shield coveted by everyone... and YOU have it!
Shield type: Medium shield
Stats: five versions that all do vastly psionic damage;
It looks Light weight (1.62 kg)
Sacvalue: 1.27m (spr), 878k (dodge), 621k (qc), 766k (parry)
It is called shield and identified as 'thousand reflections', 'shield', 'shield of reflections', 'reflections', 'shield of a thousand reflections' and 'medium'.
Made of: laen
Size: somewhat small
Quality: superb
From: Shade of Mithrandir, Druid guild