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For a long time, ships were absent from BatMUD, however they have now returned in a far more useful form than before. They have introduced naval battles and allow sailing from continent to continent while offering recovery, almost unlimited space for loots and very expensive "summon chest/teleport without error" feature.


Captaining any ship provides you with the ability to build sailor reputation for stat bonuses; this also grants access to a few special areas. Captaining a good ship will tremendously speed up your ability to travel from region to region. Melemkor dismisses ideas of ships offering place where to store sailor chests thus allowing you to live in ship like real marines did, but it is anticipated that he come around sooner or later.


Ships are currently available in six size classes. Boats and Sloops are the smallest and relatively useless, but are a good place to learn about how ships work without investing millions of gold. Class three and higher are the expensive luxury vessels, each having certain advantages and disadvantages when compared to the others.

List of ship types in size order:

  1. Boat
  2. Sloop aka Ferry, Lugger, Cutter, Cog, Curraugh, Ketch, Brig
  3. Schooner aka Clipper, Swiftship, Brigantine, Corvette, Knorr, Caravel, Balinger
  4. Frigate aka Merchantman, Whaler, Carrack, Crayer, Buza, Barque, Nef
  5. Warship aka Galleon, Galleass, Man-of-war, Privateer, Indiaman, Viking Longship, Bireme, Dromond
  6. Dreadnought aka War Galleon, Destroyer, Juggernaut, Corsair, Viking Warship, Trireme, Drakkar

Hair has some words about classes.


There are a large number of modules and upgrades for ships; after all, a ship without any crew or abilities is little more than a big bucket floating in the water.

There are three places to go when looking to upgrade your ship.

As there is lot magic involved with ships, its required to dry dock her before making any changes.

Crew quarters

Adding in quarters for crew to live in is required before you can actually hire them. Each of the types of crew gets its own style of living area, and each separate quarters allows up to five of that crew type to be hired.


Sailing speed is directly affected by how many sailors you have.


Its critcal to have enough hands to man a cannon unless you want to blow your own ship apart.

Speed magis

Altough the name would suggest that speed mages would affect overall speed of the ship, they actually only afect the ships flight speed. The more you have, the faster she flies.

Lift magis

Flight height is affected by how many mages you got floating her. And the flight height defines the terrain she can pass.

Defence magis

The ones that keep your ship protected from harm.

Assault magis

Best ones to take opponents defence magic down.

Ogre Pistol

Ogre pistols are cannons, which when combined with cannoneer crew and shot form the primary offensive force of most ships. Beware that they are prone do misfiring, which can have unpleasant consequences for your ship and crew. It is suggested that there should be three crew members operating a cannon to make it reasonably safe. They cost in the range of 25-50k gold on any given day at Silver lake.


A jail on ship.


Cargo hold modules can be added to higher class ships. They have vast but not unlimited capacity. Too much and this message results, "There is already too much junk in here, trying to add more would not be wise."


Ship golems act as guards, their purpose is to toss people overboard via a gangplank. Their ability at blocking an enemy from moving, speed of tossing, and ability to detect intruders are based on their material. Golems will never toss unless a friends list is defined for them and the character in question is not on the friends list, it is even safe to have aura of hate on while in the same room as one. Stone golems are inept and weak, whereas quicksilver golems are durable, toss people nearly instantly and can see invisible. Golems, like normal crew, do essentially no damage in combat, nearly any character can destroy your entire crew given enough time to wear down their hit points. Golems must follow a path of upgrades, beginning at stone, and moving to iron, then steel, then quicksilver. Golems require that you have deposited 100kg of whatever material they will be made of before they can be made. Golems can only be placed in one type of room, either deck, transport chamber, or cargo holds, and which room the golem shop supports varies whenever it's open, which isn't all that often. Stone golems cost from 53k-125k and each upgrade costs another 53k-125k, not counting the cost of material.


Aside from the descriptive items you can add into ship rooms for free, Silver lake has a shop that sells furniture that can be added to various ship rooms. The buyer selects the type of item, it's quality, and the materials involved and then can bolt the furniture in rooms that support it once it has been made. To the best of knowledge they are only useful for show. Prices range roughly from 8k for the shoddiest work to 30k for extremely fancy items.

Map Making

Maps are required to 'cruise' directly to a particular place. Paths are simply cruising between multiple maps.

Map usage requires a navigator and maps in your bookcase. Arelium has an under ground general shop (some east of bank) which has small medium and large maps which are compatible with the ship bookcase. Simply buy these maps and insert them into your bookcase.

Useful link for tradelane maps:

Making a map is as simple as securing your ship and typing 'ship survey <mapname>'. If you're surveying over land, the chances of your navigator successfully creating the map is greatly improved if your gangway is down (or cargo hatch open).

Once the map is created it will show up in your bookcase under 'bookcase list'. You can now cruise directly to this location (assuming your ship is capable of this) by typing 'cruise <location>'.

Note that another ship can send you a copy of their maps - so if you have a sailor friend, they can hook you up!

Making Tradelanes Maps

The tradelanes are visible from your ship via the 'view' command. You will see an Orange Glow in the water, this means you are in the tradelane. You can follow this tradelane until it ends in order to find intersection points. Intersection points (a point where two tradelanes meet) are often where the map location will be.

Tradelanes are more difficult to map because you cannot lower your gangway, and the navigator cannot explore outside of the ship. Map making will often fail in the ocean, destroying your map materials.

Path Example

This path will allow your ship to cruise from laenor to deso. It required four maps: daerwon, desolathya-lucentium1, desolathya3, windham.

paths add lae2deso cruise daerwon,desolathya-lucentium1,desolathya3,windham

Note that you need to make these maps yourself, or get them sent to your ship.

Other information