Short black blowgun

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short black blowgun <red glow>
This blowgun is made from a small length of bamboo. It looks like the bamboo was fed a large quantity of black ink, as the wood itself is stained from the inside, not painted. This whisper-quiet weapon would be useful only in the hands of a trained user, to spit poisoned needles at an unsuspecting foe.
Weapon type: blowpipe
Stats: +slightly sneak
It looks Very light weight (0.235 kg)
Sacvalue: 82.4k
It is called ebon blowgun and identified as 'blowpipe', 'bamboo blowgun', 'short blowgun', 'black blowgun' and 'blowgun'.
Made of bamboo
Size: small
Quality: superb
From: Trilloch's zoo
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown
Other info: As of December 2012 there are no usable skills in game for blowpipes, rendering this item next to useless for now (to my knowledge anyway - correct if I'm wrong --Nuane 10:28, 26 October 2012 (EEST))