Skill drain

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A special spell, cast by monsters only (not available to players in any form). Skill drain, when succesfully cast and if save / resist check fails, will permanently drain some random skill by at least 1%.

Short desc Area
A horned, 4-armed barsoomian devil, Natas (undead) Cartwheel
A scaled medusa with a paralyzing gaze (undead) Pyramid
A skeleton warlord wanders here, red light flickering in his empty eyes (undead) Millie's nightmare
A skeleton warrior stalking his prey without emotion (undead) Forest of the moon
An ancient lich stares at you with hatred (undead) Tower of Corabandor
Arathrua the bone dragon is leeching the world from power (undead) Horsehead mountain
Bruthakas, the leader zombie of the cellar (undead) Kender mansion
Dirty power Mummy created by Inra (undead) Horsehead mountain
Fergus the Majestic (undead) Valley of silence
Jacobi, the vampire lord of Berul (undead) Dunamor
Lord Soth the Death Knight (undead) Flying Citadel
Moratar Cain the diabolic Archlich (undead) Necropolis
Myrier, the former High-Priest of Brimshire (undead) Brimshire
Nithem the Lich, skeletal figure in blood red robes (undead) Secret location in Lucentium
Shenare the evil polar demon Renburg
Skeleton of a DRAGON looking for something to chew (undead) Black reaver section in Misty Forest
The banshee spectre of Napoleon von Huber assaults you (undead) Hugoville
The immortal spiritform of King Thutmose III (undead) Valley of the Kings
The mummified body of King Thutmose III (undead) Valley of the Kings
Tiburcio, the Great Magus (undead) Tiburcio's tower
Undead nun haunting the mortal men (undead) Old convent
Wiespe the lecherous vampire (undead) Faerie forest