Stout dwarven mining axe

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Stout dwarven mining axe <red glow>
This axe represents the dwarven work ethos in its very design. The weapon has a carved and polished highsteel head at the end of a relatively short oak handle. One side of the head tapers to a needle-like point, useful if you find a lode of valuable metal or gemstone ore. The other side flattens out to a nasty-looking razor-sharp blade, useful if someone else finds the metal first. It looks relatively lightweight for either a weapon or a mining tool, so long periods of time swinging this at rocks or orcs should not tire the arm as quickly.
Weapon type: battleaxe
Stats: Reduces ep cost for mining and lumberjacking
It looks heavy (5.1 kg)
Sacvalue: 100k
It is called axe and identified as 'battleaxe', 'pick', 'mining axe' and 'dwarven axe'.
It takes the following slot: held
Made of: 60% highsteel, 40% oak
Size: smallish
Quality: superb
From: Trilloch's zoo
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