Suit of light tan leather armour

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suit of light tan leather armour (glowing) <red glow>
This suit of full-body armour has plates of thick, light brown leather, which cover all the large, inflexible body parts like the torso or upper arms. Darker, thinner leather connects the plates and covers the joints of the wearer. For armour, the suit looks lightweight, flexible, and quiet. Furthermore the leather itself is quite lovely, looking more like suede than hardened cowhide.
Armour type: sleeved coat
Stats: +3 avoid
It looks A bit heavy (3.630 kg)
Sacvalue: 270k
It is called armour and identified as 'suit', 'leather armour', 'tan armour', 'suit of leather armour' and 'sleeved coat'.
It takes the following slots: Torso, legs & arms
Made of: leather
Size: very large
Quality: Missing quality
From: Trilloch's zoo