Sword of Mists

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Sword of Mists <red glow>
This long sword was forged from emerald. The blade of the sword is transparent and you can see swirling mists within the blade. The blade is cold and when you lift it you have some difficulty breathing. The hilt of the sword gives off a bright red glow which fills the room with light.
It contains a tale;
This sword seems to have been forged in the pits of hell. The mists inside the blade have been made to pull the life right from the air. The blade seems to have been built to fight against good, this is the sword of the demon, Behemoth.
Weapon type: claymore
Stats: +asphyxiation damage, +See magic
It looks A bit heavy (2.439 kg)
Sacvalue: 467k
It is called sword of mist and identified as 'sword', 'sword of mists', 'sword of mist', 'mist' and 'claymore'.
Made of emerald
Size: Missing size
Quality: superb
From: Behemoth, Atlantis
Compares between: amazon battle blade and the Blade of Death