The Blade of Death

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the Blade of Death <red glow>
This katana seems to have some very old runes, which you don't understand. Tho' it seems that this sword is of very old make, it looks like it has never been used. There are no scratches or any other marks in it. It feels very good and light weight in your hands. It also looks very sharp, and is made of mithril. You see 'elgg' written on it...
Weapon type: katana
Stats: +5 dam & +asphyxiation damage
It looks Missing weight category (7.210 kg)
Sacvalue: 1.8m
It is called Blade of Death and identified as 'elgg', 'blade', 'blade of death', 'death' and 'katana'.
Made of mithril
Size: somewhat small
Quality: great
From: Amrun, Necropolis
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown