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Use this template when adding Equipments.

Copy & Paste

{{ Equipment
| name = 
| description = 
| tale
| type = 
| stats = 
| weight = 
| kg = 
| sacvalue = 
| handles = 
| material = 
| size = 
| quality = 
| from = 
| unique
| other

Field explanations

Fields & Instructions how to fill 'em. Fields in italics should be removed if not used.
name  : Short description, including all auras/<glows> but excluding (glowing).

Freezing cross carved from enchanted Ice (holy) <red glow>

description  : Long description, ie. what you see when you look at the item, excluding line breaks, until reaching possible <glows> and the item condition at the bottom.

e.g. The cape is crude in nature, it is pure white cape with a simple hood on the top. It's very modest, but still very suitable for its job as a clothing. An emblem of the Synod council is embroid on its side.

tale  : If the item has tale, use this field. Do note that a fresh item from monster doesn't show the tale in look before it's identified.

e.g. This cape was once given to those who achieved great things and were promoted to the nun synod. The tradition has been forgotten during the test of time.

type  : The type of the item. Easiest to check by looking at the item: "This <item type> is in ______ condition.".

e.g. necklace, battlesuit, boot and so on.

stats  : Items magical properties. If you're not sure about a certain stat, be sure it is made known in the summary. If there is no information about the item and you are copy/pasting stats from some other source than from in-name, comment that too in the summary including where from it is taken. See about categorizing the article at the bottom of the page.

+6 str, +2 spr, +invoke disintegrate, evil wear only

weight  : From looking at the item "It looks <weight>.". Be aware that feather weight affects this.

Very light weight, light weight, very heavy and so on.

kg  : What the item weights in kg's. Easiest way is to drop+get it and check the weight difference in your inventory, but this gives only rough estimate and should be indicated with a ~ prefix. For exact value you need either a merchant belt or Alex amulet. Also, you could pick up coins until you see your carried weight change as one coin weighs one gram. One excat way is also to sell it to shop and view it.

26.384 or ~0.1 etc.

sacvalue  : The value damogran shows for the item when writing inv at him. Works at certain other NPCs too. If you use the value from identify or appraise, they are inaccurate thus indicate it with a ~ prefix. Also don't mix and match accurate and inaccurate information.

1210k or ~340k etc.

handles  : Shown by identify "It is called <handles>." before slots.

cape of the chosen one and identified as 'cloak', 'cape', 'tight white cloak', 'white cape', 'white cloak' and 'tight cloak'

size  : Shown by identify after weight, before condition.

Extremely small, medium-sized etc.

material  : Shown by identify "made of <material(s)>" after size and before the inaccurate sacvalue. If the item is made from single material, the template categorizes it automatically otherwise see about categorizing the material at the bottom of this page.

Steel or 10% silver, 90% moonstone ect.

quality  : Shown by identify "and of <quality> quality." after the inaccurate sacvalue and before the suitable weapon skill.

Divine, sterling, superb etc.

unqiue  : If the item is unique, fill this field with the present owners name (with his premission) or with unknown.
ungettable  : If the item is ungettable, fill this field why it is ungettable.

Area closed, NPC removed from game, ect.

other  : If anything other important information about the item, use this field.

Old versions, see X for new version.

trivia  : For trivial information, use this field.

Manual categorization

Pretty much everything is automatically categorized by the template given that you've filled it right, however stats and the main material (as in, used the most in the item) need some manual work. Usually stats are pretty straight-forward, simply add for example [[Category: Str]], [[Category: Dam]] or [[Category: Moonstone]] to the bottom of the page. There are some categories that are hard to know without knowing or doing some research, these would include for example [[Category: Aura of blackness]] (evil only eq), [[Category: Halo of purity]] (good only eq) and [[Category: Ungettable]]. If you're not sure what you're adding, you could search for a suitable example case and check out how it's done there, or ask an admin, or simply don't add it at all.