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Template for weapons.

Copy & Paste

{{ Infobox Weapon
| name = 
| description = 
| tale
| type = 
| stats = 
| weight = 
| kg = 
| sacvalue = 
| handles = 
| material = 
| size = 
| quality = 
| from = 
| ungettable
| other


Fields & Instructions how to fill 'em. Fields in italics should be remove if not used.
name : Items long desc including all auras/glows.
description : Fill with all what you see when looking at it before any auras/glows or type.
tale : If the item has tale, insert it in this field.
type : From looking at the item "This <type> is in ______ condition."
stats : Items (magical) properties.
weight : From looking at the item "It looks <weight>."
kg : What the item really weights. Either sell it to shop and view it or use scales. Or you can pick up coins until you see you carried weight changing as ten coins weight one gram.
sacvalue : The value damogran shows for the item when writing inv at him.
handles : Shown by id "It is called <handles>." before slots.
size : Shown by id after idweight before material.
material : Shown by id "made of <material>" after size and before the unaccurate sacvalue.
quality : Shown by id "and of <quality> quality." after unaccurate sacvalue and before weapon skill.
ungettable : If its impossible to make anymore of these items at this moment, fill this field.
other : If any other important, use this field.