The Beholder, the Warden, 'Grrzzaaah' of Prison complex

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Grrzzaaah, the head of the prison is in its office, giving orders and ruling the prison complex. Its menancing 10 eyes, one HUGE one and 9 smaller eyes gazing at different directions. It has been rumoured, that its hugest eye can resist magical attacks. No one has dared to face it in 'fair' combat, though. You don't like the way that its 'looking' at you. Dangerous teeth extend from its mouth, ready to chew your head off.
Grrzzaaah the Warden's equipment:

Both hands, upper body and legs and feet: a Beholder (the costume)
Belt: a purplish Beholder headwear

Spells: disintegrate
Skills: Missing skills
Area: Prison complex in Shadowkeep
Alignment: evil
Race: Missing race
Exp worth: 256k