The Celestial Warriors

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Command: celestial_warrior

Creator: Sirdar

Maximum level: 5


Its a good thing that the demons are preoccupied with a problem that keeps them off from the world. The Valars. It is a war of Valars against the demons. Its supposed to be a war in the other planes of existence, but everyone and everything seems involved. Its a war that has been going on sa long as mortals have lived on the world, and its a war neither side has yet to win. Nobody even knows what are the exact goals of the war. Genocides the best guess - the demons and the Valar will fight each other until theres none left. Why? Maybe some gods are playing and making the fight. Maybe the fight has ensued because both sides want to. Nobody knows for sure how the war started. The war is a grim blessing to the world, but too bad only the Valar race is interested in the welfare of mortals.
Short info:
Skill/Spell Name 1 2 3 4 5 Skill Name
Banish demons - - - 10 20 Banish demons
Bless 10 22 35 47 60 Bless
Cast magical 5 11 17 23 30 Cast magical
Ceremony 10 17 25 32 40 Ceremony
Protection from evil - - 5 15 25 Protection from evil
Skill/Spell Name 1 2 3 4 5 Skill/Spell Name