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Help file
Skill duration: 1-6
Type of skill: special skill.
Affecting stats: Cha.
It uses 1 endurance points.
Many times one can call on their god's favor to assist them in casting a spell. Certain ceremonies and rituals may be able to bring the blessings of one's god on one's actions. Of course the gods are very fickle and their favor is not always granted. Others even say that the gods are no help at all, but that these rituals are only for the sake of mortals to ease their minds. Either way, most teachers of magic urge their apprentices not to forget that gods and that the tiny blessings that might be imparted unto them are worth the trouble to make these rituals habit before trying to cast spells.
List of things that enhance or grant access to this skill:

  • Virtually raises your spell percentage for the next spell you cast thus acting accordingly; gives better chance for successful cast, may lower spcost, and helps the spell come off faster.