The Legendary Shield known as 'The Fire and the Fury'

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The Legendary Shield known as 'The Fire and the Fury' <red glow>
This incredibly strong shield is made of a pitch-black diamond substance found only in the deepest portions of ancient volcanoes and was captured during a prior lizard man campaign. The shiny surface of the shield is flawless in design and indicates the great craftsmanship it took in its creation. Through magical means a representation of a silver dragon belching large amounts of dragonfire has been etched onto the shields surface. Its protective power is said to have helped the previous owner fight off many lizard men before he finally succumbed to their onslaught.
Shield type: Full shield
Stats: +8 Con, +Fire resistance, another version with +Physical resistance
It looks A bit heavy (4.7 kg)
Sacvalue: 1m
It is called shield and identified as 'shield' and 'full'
Made of: diamond
Size: Missing size
Quality: standard
From: Tyranicus Karakurt, Tarackia
Other info: Also known as Tyra shield. Physres version is supposedly ungettable nowadays.
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