The Lunar Defenders

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Name: The Lunar Defenders

Command: lunar_defender

Creator: Shinarae

Maximum Level: 1


Only those brave souls who stood up against the tide of blood and insanity of the demon Kurenakuma, in the Crimson Moon Event of 2009, are permitted to join this guild and reap the benefits.

In short, you had to be there. Note: Anyone who had "lunar points" whether spent or unspent, can go to the Royal Dutch Candy Shop in Arelium and type "join", this will complete the required quest, again, if you had points from the event.

Joining requirements:

Has completed the quest "Lunar defender"


Skill/Spell Name % Requirements
Aspect of kurenakuma
Blood craze 100 Level 26 in Barbarian Guild
Blood of the sorcerer 100
Crimson claw 100 Train Martial arts to at least 80%
Crimson mist 100 Level 26 in The Followers of Tarmalen
Curse of lycanthropy 100 Level 26 in Evil Priests
Hunters moon 100 Level 26 in Rangers
Insane prices 100 Level 26 in The Master Merchants
Lunacy shield 100
Lunar inspiration 100
Mad defense 100
Mad science 100
Maniacal drive 100
Moonstruck 100
Touch of madness 100
Zealotry 100
Skill/Spell Name %