The Storm Whip

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the Storm Whip <strongly shocking> <red glow>
This unusual weapon is made from a floating pile of silvery metal chunks, attached to each other by magnetic force. They form a line about two meters long, descending in size from one end to the other. A blue-white misty glow surrounds the entire weapon, and small sparks jump between the chunks with small hissing and popping noises. Whatever this weapon is, it has full rotational freedom in all directions.
Weapon type: chain whip
Stats: +electric damage, Once per 10 minutes, you can release a 'stormlash' on your target in combat. This does lightning damage based on the power of the target's weapon.
It looks Heavy (7.244 kg)
Sacvalue: 459k
It is called storm whip and identified as 'whip', 'storm whip', 'Storm Whip' and 'chain'.
Made of iron
Size: Missing size
Quality: Missing quality
From: Trilloch's zoo
Compares between: The Bleeder and Flail of the dead