The Trilloch's sword

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The Trilloch's sword <red glow>
This unusual weapon looks like it was made from the tip of a dragon's finger. It has a handle made of dragon bone, and a curved, single-edged blade made from a dragon's talon. The sharp edge is on the inside of the curve. While the overall length of a dagger, the weapon will pack more punch due to its longer blade and hooked shape.
It contains a tale;
This sword was a gift to the Trilloch by a wizard who ascended into immortality, named Necnuni. It matches the Trilloch's chaotic needs in combat, as well as supplimenting his spells.
Weapon type: short sword
Stats: Tunable 5 points between dam / hit / avoid by configing.

Can invoke the following spells while wielded: Feather weight, Invisibility, Forked lightning, Shapechange, Teleport without error, Chain lightning, Dimension door and Money is power once per boot. Can be transformed from a weapon to any held-slot item.

It looks A bit heavy (4.519 kg)
Sacvalue: Varies depending on the config. For example 5490-5984k in "5avoid" mode.
It is called sword and identified as 'shortsword', 'short sword', 'claw', 'dragon's claw', 'dragon's claw shortsword', 'trilloch's sword', 'Trilloch's sword', 'short' and 'sword'
Made of dragonscale
Size: somewhat small
Quality: divine
From: Trilloch
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown
Other info: Shortdesc is "shortsword made from a dragon's claw <red glow>" before identifying. Also, considering the sacvalue differences between "5avoid" and the other modes, it could be assumed that "5avoid" actually is +10.

Heft data:

Size 60, Str 67: The Trilloch's sword feels very light in your might want a larger weapon.