The blood-red axe known as 'Blood-drinker'

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The blood-red axe known as 'Blood-drinker'
It's the blood-drinker axe, and it is finally in your hands! The tales fell far short in describing this powerful weapon. The haft is an unknown wood, wrapped in copper that has not tarnished in the ages that the axe has been in service. The axe blade itself is carved from ruby mined from the slopes of the twin volcanos. After its carving, it was soaked in dragon's blood, giving it the morbid color it has now.
Weapon type: great axe
Stats: +dam, +fire damage
It looks Heavy (4.6 kg)
Sacvalue: 1.2m
It is called blood-drinker and identified as 'axe', 'blooddrinker', 'drinker', 'blood-drinker' and 'great'.
Made of ruby
Size: medium-sized
Quality: Missing quality
From: Kraxthrax, Kutanakor
Compares between: Celestial axe and Mighty axe of Marion
Other info: Level restriction, damages wielder if the requirement is not met.