The brutal Maul named 'Grolth'

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The brutal Maul named 'Grolth' <red glow>
The long maul is shining beautifully in the light. The surface of the maul still looks unharmed, like it was created today, even though this maul has undoubtly seen an uncountable amount of battles. The word 'Grolth' is, not so beautifully, carved into the handle of the maul. This is a fine piece of weaponry indeed.
Weapon type: maul
Stats: +magical damage, +dam, -hit
It looks Very heavy (11.039 kg)
Sacvalue: 992k
It is called Grolth and identified as 'maul' and 'brutal maul'.
Made of adamantium
Size: smallish
Quality: exceptional
From: Gwerg, Dah'bec
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown