The flail of salvation (holy)

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It is best wielded by the descendants of the ancient puritans: nuns and templars, who as the missionaries of Las and Faerwon. They shall be given the power to redeem their foes and to lead them to salvation. The holy weapon shall not be wielded by one who has virulent thoughts.
It contains a tale;
The origin of it is unclear, but the legend has it that flail was chosen as the symbol of goodness by a sect of fanatic zealots who called themselves as Puritans of Salvation. They were the primitive templars whose goal was to spread out their religion and they did it very brutally. Those who acted submissive were redeemed, but those who fought back were sentenced and deported from the kingdom of new puritan gods.
Weapon type: flail
Stats: +5 dam, +holy strike, +purity of thy heart, +fire damage
It looks Missing weight category (6.5 kg)
Sacvalue: 6793500
It is called 'flail', 'flail of salvation', 'the flail of salvation' and 'relic'.
Made of 30% ivory, 70% highsteel
Size: smallish
Quality: great
From: An omnipotent ruler, the legislative force of cosmos
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown