The ghoulish shield of the Great Mogul of Emilan

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The ghoulish shield of the Great Mogul of Emilan (glowing) <strongly chilling> <red glow>
Missing description
It contains a tale;
He was handsome as a god and as tall as a giant. He was as wise as an oracle and as fair as a monk. That's how they described the man who ruled the country. While he could be anything in the stories, he felt nothing special himself. Not that many actually knew him and his fame had made him more interesting than he felt he actually was. He wasn't unaware of his reputation, though he often felt it as a burden that would follow him around wherever he would go. While his heart surely would be solid gold, it wasn't meant to carry all the worries of the world and even the best of men couldn't beat the unparalleled feats that the troubadours had depicted him to do in their songs. Disgusted by the tall tales sung about his accomplishments, he saddled a horse and decided to travel around the empire incognito to create his own fate. After riding his horse for fourty years from village to village he had become one of the most respected men of his country by helping his loyal subjects. One day he was going to help the local farrier as he had promised, but on his way over all the villagers of the village had gathered on the market place to meet him. While he stood there astonished, the villagers said to him: 'There is only one man who is as noble as the man that the bards sing about. Therefore, you must be the Great Mogul'. Hearing these words, the Great Mogul sighed in great relief. He was now worthy of his sung fame and he was finally able to leave the ghouls of his past behind.
Shield type: Large shield
Stats: +cold damage, +slightly bashing protection, +divinely soulbound fate, +slightly dam, -moderately hpr, -moderately cha
It looks Missing weight category (Weight in kgs unknown)
Sacvalue: Missing sacvalue
It is called ghoulish shield and identified as 'large', 'shield', 'large shield', 'ghoulish shield', 'shield of emilan', 'shield of mogul', 'shield of great mogul', 'shield of great mogul of emilan' and 'ghoul shield'.
Made of: Missing material
Size: Missing size
Quality: Missing quality
From: Kharim's vault
Other info: Heft data:

Size 55 (barsoomian + spawn), Str 202: The ghoulish shield of the Great Mogul of Emilan is too big to be wielded in one hand properly, but might work with two hands. [same with mage fw]